Photo of Kirill Krinkin

Kirill Krinkin
Scientist, Engineer, Teacher


  • Teacher. I have been teaching almost all my life. The most of my teaching experience is Computer Science, Software Engineering, and STEM. I worked with many different kind of students: from High School kids to PhD scholars. You can find my lectures and educational materials on the Teaching section or in the Internet.
  • Scientist. From the childhood I was keen on science. For many years I have been doing research in many fields Computer Science, Software/Systems Engineering. My the last research interests are in Intelligence Engineering. You can find more details in the Research section.
  • Software Engineer. I wrote my first computer program which was used by in real industrial environment for many years when I was 16 y.o. Since that time I have been working in many different real projects. I believe, that combination of science, engineering and teaching is the best way to build professional career.


  • 2023-now. Visiting professor Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus
  • 2023-now. Adjunct professor Constructor University Bremen, Germany
  • 2015-now. Researcher at JetBrains
  • 2002-now. Head of Open Source and Linux Lab
  • 2001-2022. Teacher at Software Engineering and Computer Applications Department, SPb ETU
  • 2013-2014. Associated Professor, The Department of Mathematics and Information Technology in SPbAU RAS
  • 2013-2014. Visiting Professor. Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung Electronics
  • 2008-2010. Sr. Software Engineer. EMC (Now Dell)
  • 2008-2009. Volunteer. One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
  • 2005-2006. Teacher. Academy of Modern Software Engineering


  • 2000 – Engineer on Software, KnASTU
  • 2004 – PhD, Software Engineering (05.13.11), SPb ETU